About Us

Orifice plate:
Orifice plates are among the most simple and easy to use type of primary flow measurement devices. this company has completely all types of orifice plate suitable for use on stream, liquids and gases.

Meter run:

Meter runs are one of the types of small orifice plate which are supplied as a complete unit to ensure the necessary straight pipe lengths are available for the highest possible accuracy.

Restriction orifice plate:
Restriction orifice plate can be used to produce a specified reduction in line pressure or to create a critical flow, giving a controlled flow rate or changes in downstream conditions. Regarding to flow nature, restriction orifices can be as a plate or multi stage composed from several plates.

Venture tube:
We design and manufacture classical venture tubes which are used on applications where a low pressure loss is required, this being 5-20% of measured differential.

Flow nozzle:
Flow nozzles are reasonably accurate devices for measuring the e.g. stream. Flow nozzles are particularly suitable for erosive fluids where the sharp edge of an orifice plate could quickly deteriorate. The permanent pressure loss nozzle is less  than orifice plate..

Integral orifice assembly:
The Integral Orifice Flowmeter assembly is designed to meet the need for highly accurate small bore flow measurements with minimal installation and maintenance requirements.
This Flow Meter is suitable for measurement of any clean gas, liquid, or vapor flow.